Other Actions

As individuals, we can’t do this alone and we need to work with legislatures and corporations directly, as well.



Maybe life would be a tinier bit harder and laundy would take a few seconds longer. Isn’t the planet and our children’s future worth it?? What will we tell our children, grandchildren and great children when they ask why we didn’t do anything when it was clear that action was critical? It was too hard, it cost too much, I didn’t have time, there was nothing I could do… REALLY?!?!

SO, how can we get there. How can we get a significant ban on plastics? It seems that we need to work at all levels- local, County, State and National.

I need your ideas and actions. Please let us know if there is a group doing these things that we can support and what can we do individually.


Letter Campaign to Companies- some ideas (please comment):

Letters to companies making products in powder/boxes already- applaud their products- ask to stop making their unnecessary plastic/liquid products. They can be heroes!

Boycott and demonstrations agains companies making unnecessary plastic/liquid products.

BUYcott better products!!

OTHER actions

To get out the word:

Leaflet (at Farmer’s Markets, outside grocery stores, etc.) Feel free to use anything that you might like on this site

Social Media

Take out ads- big ads, everywhere