Welcome to Choose the Box! 

This blog hopes to spawn a movement with the goal of reducing the amount of plastic being produced.  My hope is that this becomes [BI1] a free sharing of information, including additions and corrections, sharing recommendations and tips, in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

In attempting to reduce the total plastic load, it seems prudent to begin with the largest items first.  My dear and practical late mother had a phrase she’d use when we were overwhelmed- “First, take out the newspapers”- this meant that when the house is a total mess and you don’t know where to start, pick up the newspapers (large volume in the olden days) first and then it doesn’t look so bad and it is easier to continue cleaning.  This applied to studying for tests or accomplishing large projects. To that end, I thought we could first get rid of big, bulky and unnecessary plastic containers- the ‘no-brainers’- things that are currently readily available and easy to replace.

A campaign that may consist of 3 prongs simultaneously:

1.  Consumer preference transformation

                Refuse plastic containers unless no alternative exists

                Recycle boxes

                Recycle unavoidable plastic containers

2.  Corporate changes

                STOP making things in liquid when there is an alternative

                Use only recycled boxes

3.  Legislative changes

                Ban on avoidable plastics


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